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ParaDIME ideas presented at LADIS workshop

Fri, 2014-10-24

ParaDIME members Prof. Dr. Christof Fetzer of TUD and his PhD student Thomas Knauth attended the 8th Workshop on Large-Scale Distributed Systems and Middleware (LADIS). The event was hosted by Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK. Prof. Dr. Christof Fetzer gave a talk titled "Energie-Efficient Storage and Processing in Edge Clouds", based on a paper previously published at IEEE Cloud earlier this year.


The talk was well received and led to some interesting discussions afterwards. The infrastructure provided by ParaDIME partner Cloud&Heat, which is used and evaluated within the ParaDIME context, could be beneficial for future use cases such as caching and computing in edge clouds.

A busy month of June for TUD's ParaDIME members

Thu, 2014-07-10
The month of June has been a busy month for TUDParaDIME members presented a total of three papers at three different conferences. In the beginning of June, Thomas Knauth presented his work titled "DreamServer: Truly On-Demand Cloud Services" at the Israeli Systems and Storage conference (SYSTOR). At the end of June, Thomas gave an invited talk to present his work on efficient synchronization of gigabyte-sized binary data at the USENIX Annual Technical Conference. His work won the Best Paper Award at USENIX LISA last year.
TUD's activity in June was rounded off by Frezewd Lemma's presentation of his work titled "PowerCass: Energy Efficient, Consistent Hashing Based Storage for Micro Clouds Based Infrastructure" at the 7th IEEE Cloud conference which took place in Alaska from June 27 to July 2. We are also happy to announce that Frezewd's work won the Best Student Paper Award.
As for upcoming conference where TUD will present work done in the context of ParaDIME: next up is the HotSDN workshop in August. Thomas will present a poster paper with the title "Sloth: SDN-enabled Activity-based Virtual Machine Deployment".

ParaDIME member wins best paper award at Large Installation and System Administration Conference

Wed, 2013-11-06
ParaDIME member Thomas Knauth wins the best paper award at the 27th Large Installation and System Administration Conference for his work on efficient synchronization of large binary data sets. The conference took place from 3-8 November in Washingtion, D.C., USA this year, drawing over a thousand attendees. The work was honored for its practical impact by providing system administrators with a novel tool to speed up daily administrative data synchronization processes.
Sysadmins routinely synchronize state between physically distant servers. Traditional checksum-based tools like, for example, rsync, have a high computational overhead which unnecessarily prolongs the time required for synchronization. The presented tool, called dsync, reduces the synchronization time by tracking changes as they happen. Change tracking obviates the need for post-hoc mechanisms to identify changes, speeding up the synchronization process.
In the context of the ParaDIME project dsync enables the swift transfer of virtual machine (VM) disks between servers. VM disks can easily have hundreds of gigabytes of state. Being able to transfer them quickly between servers increases the scheduling flexibility, which in turn allows to turn off servers more frequently and/or for longer time periods.

ParaDIME presents at IEEE Cloud

Sat, 2013-06-29

ParaDIME member Thomas Knauth from TU Dresden presented work done in context of the the ParaDIME project at the IEEE Cloud conference in Santa Clara, CA, USA. The work deals with ways to improve the replication performance for strongly consistent, geo-replicated data stores. The topic is relvant to ParaDIME because we aim to distribute computations across multiple data centers. However, distribution across data centers creates additional challenges for the timely and consistent distribution of data updates. Improving the data store's performance will also benefit the energy efficency. Increasing the number of data store operations per time slice also increases the time that  storage components can be put into low-power modes.

ParaDIME member presents at EuroSys Doctoral Workshop

Sun, 2013-04-14

Preceding this year's EuroSys conference in Prague was the 7th installment of the associated doctoral workshop (EuroDW). ParaDIME team member Thomas Knauth presented his PhD work on energy-efficient web services in a 10 minute talk at the workshop. The workshop also encouraged the presenters to bring along posters describing their work.