Parallel Distributed Infrastructure for Minimization of Energy

Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH

Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH is a provider of cloud-based computing services, with the waste heat produced by the servers also being used to heat buildings and water. The cloud servers are installed directly in the properties to be heated and connected to a virtual data center via the Internet. This enables the company to ensure the highest standards of safety and security.

There is no need for the costly and energy-intensive cooling of servers that is required for a conventional data centre. Cloud&Heat thereby combines the markets for server computing power and heating intelligently and offers an efficient green tech alternative in both areas: the server-based heating solution reduces the environmental impact in the heating market, while in the steadily growing cloud computing market, computing power can be offered very cheaply. The contribution made by this interplay of ecological and economic advantages was recognized in 2013 with the Saxon Environmental Award as well as a placing among the finalists for the German Industry Innovation Award.

René Marcel Schretzmann, Dr Jens Struckmeier and Prof Christof Fetzer founded the company in Dresden in October 2011 in Dresden under the name AoTerra GmbH. In April 2014, the company was re-named Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH. The three founders developed the patented method in collaboration with Dresden University of Technology.