Parallel Distributed Infrastructure for Minimization of Energy

ParaDIME Post-doc Position (FILLED) - Join the ParaDIME Project Team in beautiful Barcelona.

Thu, 2012-11-01

THIS POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED.  Look here for more infomation about vacancies and fellowships at the BSC.

3-year Post Doc position on minimization of energy to the limit within the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (CAPP Group)

The CAPP group (Computer Architecture for Parallel Paradigms) at the BSC-CNS is in charge of investigatinga top down design, starting from the software needs and ending at microarchitecture. Interested candidates contact: Adrian Cristal ( and Osman Unsal (

Research Topic: The increasing power and energy consumption of modern computing devices is perhaps the largest threat to technology minimization and associated gains in performance and productivity. On the one hand, we expect technology scaling to face the problem of “dark silicon” (only segments of a chip can function concurrently due to power restrictions) in the near future and lead us to use devices with completely new characteristics. On the other hand, as core counts increase, the shared memory model based on cache coherence will severely limit scalability and increase energy consumption. Therefore, to overcome these problems, we need new computing paradigms that are radically more energy efficient. The objective of ParaDIME is to attack the power-wall problem by radical software-hardware techniques that are driven by future circuit and device characteristics on one side, and by a programming model based on message passing on the other side. ParaDIME is a FET Proactive FP7 project. The consortium is composed of BSC, University of Neuchatel, Technical University of Dresden, IMEC and AOTerra. The consortium includes experts from circuit and devices, computer architecture, runtime and programming models.

Candidate and Position: We have an immediate opening for a post-doc position. The successful candidate will conduct research, supervise students, and prepare and direct grants. A mixed Computer Architecture / circuit and devices background is preferred; although candidates in either computer architecture or circuits and devices are also encouraged to apply. The salary is competitive with the opportunity to work with researchers at Barcelona Supercomputing Center and with other researchers in the consortium.In addition, the successful candidate will have the opportunity to co-advise PhD students in the group. Initiative, motivation and commitment are expected. Possibilities to extend the duration of the position, to join new projects within the CAPP group or at BSC are possible, depending on performance.

The CAPP Group at the BSC-CNS: The CAPP Group has deep experience in industrial projects, moreover the group is participating in projects with Microsoft and Intel. In the past the group was coordinating the VELOX FP7 project on Transactional Memory, and currently the group in coordinating the ParaDIME Project and is a partner in AXLE FP7 project.